What we do

Love your floor

We do everything!

But we specialise in timber and laminate installation.

Residential or commercial, laiase with project managers, from the selection process, to sales, floor preparation, installation and after care.

We offer a range of quality flooring options, from luxurious carpet to natural timber flooring and everything in between.

Floor Preparation


It is prudent to test for moisture levels in concrete slabs when installing floor coverings especially in new buildings.

If the slab is not given sufficient time to dry to acceptable levels, any number of problems can occur, such as debonding and deterioration of finished flooring and coatings, and microbial growth.

Floor covering manufacturers, and adhesive producers recommend testing concrete slabs for moisture, regardless of age or elevation.

Timber flooring


Timber is our specialty!

We love timber flooring for its dramatic effect and because it‘s modern, hard-wearing and easy to maintain.
Timber is timeless, in New Zealand timber floors have always been popular.
We only supply and install quality products designed to cope with New Zealand‘s fluctuating climate.

Laminate Flooring


Laminate is a stylish, versatile and affordable flooring option.
Laminate flooring is ideal for heavy traffic and can withstand the harshest conditions.

Our quality laminate floors are rated for wet areas and heavy domestic or medium commercial use. They have a higher UV resistance than standard wooden floors, allowing protection from product fading.

Carpet and Vinyl



We offer a range of quality brands and different fibre types of carpet.

We will guide you in choosing the perfect carpet to suit you and your lifestyle by discussing factors such as children, pets and areas of direct sunlight.

We will determine the factors important to you, such as hard wearing, tracking, stain resistance or luxurious underfoot to make sure we get it right.

Vinyl flooring is stylish, durable and low maintenance. Our vinyl flooring range is available in planks, tiles or sheets and as it is hard wearing and slip resistant it is an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms.